Flexible Delivery Approach in Architecture and Construction Management Course

Eric Chan

APA 6th edition
Chan, E. (2013). Flexible Delivery Approach in Architecture and Construction Management Course. European Journal of Educational Research, 2(3), 139-149. doi:10.12973/eu-jer.2.3.139

Chan E. 2013 'Flexible Delivery Approach in Architecture and Construction Management Course', European Journal of Educational Research , vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 139-149. Available from: https://dx.doi.org/10.12973/eu-jer.2.3.139

Chicago 16th edition
Chan, Eric . "Flexible Delivery Approach in Architecture and Construction Management Course". (2013)European Journal of Educational Research 2, no. 3(2013): 139-149. doi:10.12973/eu-jer.2.3.139


The millennial generation is facing challenges in their career path and they believe that tertiary education can help them to equip better to tackle against. However, some students find it difficult to rush back to classroom due to work commitment. Fortunately, flexible education developed these years allows students to capture knowledge anytime and anywhere easier. In order to deliver courses in line with students’ need, many universities have considered offering alternative studying modes, such as flexible method, to enrich the course delivery. Using a case study, this paper investigates the delivery approach adopted by a school of a well-known university in Australia. This School offers architecture and construction management courses and has successfully adopted the flexible approach, with the aid of various online teaching and learning tools: the Cloud, Elluminate Live!, EchoSystem, Mediawiki and ePortfolio, in delivering subjects. It is welcomed by various cohorts of students. Not only the student numbers have been increased, but the School is also the first preference when students opting architecture and construction management studies. Statistics also indicate students’ satisfaction and course experience are improved. The success of this School proves itself to be an exemplar for other educators planning for flexible delivery.

Keywords: Flexible teaching and learning, architecture and construction management education, Australian tertiary education